How to create an effective sales presentation
When writing a sales presentation, sales presenters and those in marketing who support them need to choose their messages carefully and understand that the real value and return lies in being a great editor, rather than a prodigious publisher. Presenters also need to ensure they create a compelling synergy between the message and the messenger. Click here to read more.
How Sales & Marketing Presentations Should Differ
Whether you sell a product or service, whether it’s simple or sophisticated, how much (what percentage) of your presentation is the way you usually present it? Void of personalization? Void of customization? Void of interaction? And all about you?
Vibe Presentation’s guide to sales presentation effectiveness
''100% of audiences, know how to read, yet it astonishes me how many presenters read to their audience through bullet point and bar chart bonanza’s. This lack of respect for the audience questions their sincerity and confidence'' - Ronan Kinahan     Vibe Presentation Effectiveness booklet
How to get promoted
Some career experts say that the day you start a new job you should begin planning for your next job. And you know what? You should! Read here for tactics on how to get promoted.
11 Ways Successful People Deal With People They Don’t Like
Everyone has to interact with someone they don’t get along with every once in a while, so be prepared the next time it happens to you. Read more here
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All you will ever need for presentation effectiveness. Hope you enjoy our first article which appeared in Business and Finance magazine.

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