Car Hire service provider, Ireland


The Headache >

Although the messaging was concise, convincing and consistent, the visuals were lackluster at best. A mix of templates, fonts, icons and images all contributed to devaluing a very persuasive argument. The presentation was scheduled to be delivered in no more than 10 minutes to a worldwide audience at the Convention Centre in Dublin.

Vibe Solution

The Vibe solution >

Given the messaging and the messenger had an equivalence of standards, we needed to ensure the visuals helped the audience understand and recall the message better. One day design in the studio aligned all three components. Sharper imagery, slide transitions and subtle animation all added to a deck that was genuinely, a visual aid.

What Happened Next

What happened next >

An award winning presentation for its ability to seamlessly blend all three critical components, namely the message, medium and messenger. The presentation also helped to build credibility and integrity for both the presenter and the organisation leading to significant interest from trade and venture capitalists.

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